theft Prevention

Theft prevention is a solution that many business owners have been searching for. Why? It's because it helps you protect your business and money. It gives you the power to search through transactions and watch what exactly happens throughout the transaction.

How can you search transactions?

You can search through transactions by voids, cancel, no sale, custom keyword searches, transaction #, employee # and the last 4 digits of credit card/debit card.

Can you view it remotely?

Yes. You can download the program onto your Windows computer and enter your login information.

Will it work on my old camera system?

It will only work on Network Video Recorders (NVR).

Do I need new cameras?

You don't need new cameras but to see transaction text on the camera you will have to change your register cameras to IP.

What systems does it work with?

If you have a Gilbarco or Ruby POS then the system will work for you.